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•  Hearing Evaluation: Your ears will be examined and your hearing will be evaluated by one of our audiologists before considering hearing aid purchase. Your audiologist will determine if you have hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, the type and severity will be determined as well as whether you may be a candidate for hearing aids. Your audiologist also looks for signs of medical problems that require referral to a physician. Most insurances cover hearing evaluations.

•  Hearing Aid Consultation: Patients with hearing loss usually are referred to Dalzells Hearing Centers by their doctors or by family members or friends to determine whether their hearing could be improved with hearing aids.

Also, many patients with hearing loss come to Dalzells Hearing Centers for second opinions, because they are not hearing well with hearing aids they obtained elsewhere. Sometimes, their hearing aids are found to be poor quality or malfunctioning. However, typically we find that their hearing aids have been selected and/or programmed inappropriately for their hearing loss and lifestyle.

Nearly everyone with hearing loss can be helped with today's hearing aids, but quality and features vary greatly among hearing aids. You and your audiologist will discuss your hearing loss and hearing needs. Hearing aid technologies, styles, and costs will be reviewed. There is no charge for a Hearing Aid Consultation. Once you have selected a hearing aid technology and style, your audiologist will make an impression of your ear(s) and your hearing aid(s) will be ordered.

•  Hearing Aid Evaluation and Fitting: To achieve good benefit, hearing aids must be selected, fit, and programmed appropriately for your hearing loss and lifestyle. Therefore, the expertise of your audiologist is very important. You will be evaluated and fit with your hearing aid(s) approximately 1-2 weeks after the hearing aid consultation. Your hearing aid(s) will be adjusted and programmed for your hearing loss and hearing needs. Your audiologist also will instruct you regarding care and operation of your hearing aid(s). All of our patients purchase hearing aids on a 45-day trial basis.

•  Hearing Aid Checks During Trial Period: You will return to see your audiologist during the trial period to answer your questions and to address any issues regarding your hearing aid(s). You will be provided with warranty information for your hearing aid(s). If you choose not to keep your hearing aid(s), you will receive a refund for the cost of the hearing aid(s).

•  Annual Visits: You will receive an annual reminder to return to see your audiologist. Your hearing aid(s) will be checked, cleaned, and repaired if necessary. Your hearing will be re-evaluated when necessary.